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M.anifest’s Introspective Single ‘Cupid’s Crooked Bow’ Gets a Stunning Visual Treatment

M.anifest Nomisupasta Cupid's Crooked Bow
still from 'Cupid's Crooked Bow'

Following the release of his fourth studio LP, Nowhere Cool, only a week ago, Ghana’s M.anifest is firing forward with the first single, ‘Cupid’s Crooked Bow’. The album title tips a hat to feminist author, playwright and longtime friend, Ama Ata Aidoo’s short story of the same name.

If his 2013 EP, Apae: The Price of Free – a record he now chooses to consider as his first – was borne out of the sights, sounds and inspirations of the people of Ghana, Nowhere Cool turns the lens onto the life and times of the man himself. Fitting then that the first single, which features SA’s Nomisupasta (Nomsa Mazwai) – a song about the the pressures of dating someone who never quite comes to terms with the life of an artist – leads the 14-track body of work’s introduction to the world. The featured SAMA-winning, voice-to-the-voiceless poet and singer on the track offers the I-see-through-your-lies antithesis with her characteristic, whimsical coo.

M.anifest has left an illustrious tapestry of work since his 2005 debut, boasting outings with Damon Albarn of Gorillaz, Red Hot Chili PeppersFlea, Afrobeat co-founder Tony Allen, Erykah Badu and culminating in this latest effort.

The video – shot on location in Accra and directed by Cape Town locals Guto Bussab and Alfonzo Franke – follows a non-linear storyline of remorse which sees both parties plead their cases, where M.anifest is transformed into a conspicuous avatar hiding behind a milliner-worthy collection of expertly-crafted hats that only serve to make him stand out. The masking by the hats prompts an inquiry into the play between private and public performances of love.

Watch the gorgeous video below and pick up the album on iTunes.

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