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Muse Festival 2016: Everything We Know

Muse Festival 2016

It’s not often that something as special as this catches our eye; a group of individually ambitious, hardworking, passionate and ethically progressive people and entities coming together to expand the horizons and cross the borders of what’s going on in some of the more unconventional spaces in Cape Town’s music landscape.

While we’ve only just seen the name, dates, the venue and the promoters involved, there is a palpable sense – just from that info and without a single act announced – that this brand new collaborative festival is going to be a strong staple in the calendars of the discerning music fan in the country, alongside favourites like Churn and CTEMF.

The Muse All Weekend Music Festival is brought to you by some of Cape Town’s dancefloor regulars’ favourite parties including Wax On, Nomadiq Music and We House Sundays, as well as the very first official outing of management agency, Black Major‘s programming arm, ‘Black Major Selects’. There is no doubt that the lineup will be special, stylistically diverse and – most importantly – uniformly high quality. In addition to that, the buzz during the day will be beautifully complimented by a selection of things to buy at the Dope Goods Market.

When asked about the goals of the 3-day event, Aaron Peters at Black Major said that they just want “the weekend filled with good music, good turnout and good vibes,” which seems like a beautifully simplistic vision, but he goes on to qualify that, expressing an aim for “integration and an edge that is supported and an educational experience where you get to discover 5 really amazing acts that you’ve never seen before, and had a great time too.” Like Aaron, David Dix of Nomadiq Music hopes for a weekend of musical discovery, but stresses the ‘people’ element of the vision, saying the aim is to grow the shared audiences, “but not beyond the desired levels of intimacy. MUSE is about creating an intimate experience, where both artist and audience can connect on a deeper and more personal level.”

Peters goes on to share that the ‘problem’ being solved and the beauty of all these different partners coming together to work on a singular event is that they “regularly attend events and are all into a broad range of music, but can see that sometimes these scenes don’t come together easily. We felt we could achieve that integration with Muse.”
The idea that sharing and overlapping the various communities that have assembled around each of these entities is one that could have proven to be quite difficult to mould together in a unified way, but Leighton Moody, one of the ace promoters behind We House Sundays, dispels that, explaining that they all “share the same values and visions and are able to work together easily.” This bodes well for a smooth, slick experience, and a balanced melange of musical stylings and performers.

All of the promoters involved have acknowledged the dominance of men in the lineups of these type of events – globally and locally – and while they admit that there is a lot of work to be done before ZA can boast a more equitable music landscape, in many different ways, they have all expressed that one of the goals of this All Weekend Music Festival is to address that in as many ways as is possible.

Platform is honoured to be the Official Media Partner for the very first Muse, which is taking place at Colorbox Studios on 9, 10, 11 December 2016. All details on lineups and more will be revealed over the coming weeks, so stay eyes-peeled on the official event page, the various social media channels and Platform to keep up to date.

Tickets have just gone live, with the limited Early Bird going for only R320, and can be purchased directly below:

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