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Muse Festival: Full Friday Night Lineup Announced by Wax On

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When Muse Festival was announced, the interests of those in the know would have been piqued by the list of promoters putting the party together. Wax On, Black Major Selects, Dope Goods Market, Nomadiq Music and We House Sundays have all built reputations in Cape Town, and the country beyond, for having their ears to the ground when it comes to new exciting music and an excellent throwdown.

Wax On, for example, has hosted both local music legends and private vinyl collectors to play music at their monthly parties. This open approach lead to the events having the feel of an intimate get together, and translating this to the bigger festival stage was always going to be a demanding task.

Now, Muse has released it’s full Friday line-up, curated by Paul Waxon himself, and it doesn’t disappoint. The line-up (of course) includes the main connoisseur, Paul Waxon, aided and abetted by a gang of fellow vinyl spinners. Lady Venom, who has been involved in the local scene since 2004 joins Pierre-Estienne, resident DJ and co-founder of the reliably groovy Private Life series of parties, and headliner DJ Kenzhero from Joburg.

To say the line-up is one with a lot of experience and respect earned in the scene would be an understatement. Kenzhero, in particular, is a stalwart, having arranged and organised more parties in collaboration with more people than a large chunk of the DJs operating in Joburg. While he first came to prominence for the part he played at events geared around open mic poetry, his Party People series of events solidified his cult like following and growing stature. So many prominent features of the local rap scene at the time graced that Party People stage that Kenzhero was able to funnel that energy and the relationships built to a Party People compilation CD released through Boom the Box. The hype was very real. His performance at Muse comes after years of organising the performances of, and subsequently performing with, international icons such as DJ Premier, so to see him on Friday, on wax, in Cape Town’s glorious December, will be a treat.

Early Bird tickets are going for only R320, and can be purchased directly below:

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