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Music Video: Dookoom – Kak Stirvy

‘Kak Stirvy’, the video from Dookoom’s self-titled debut EP was released today. Dookoom comprises of Human Waste, spo0ky, DJ Roach and Isaac Mutant. Released a mere month ago, Dookoom’s EP has already garnered considerable attention, with one critic comparing the group’s musicianship to that of Public Enemy.

The video features rapper Mutant boastfully hanging out in the seemingly gritty and grimy area of in Heinz Park, Cape Town. In a Rolling Stone SA story published in January, Mutant was quoted as saying of Heinz park, “I used to live there.” He goes on, “I go there frequently just to get humbled… You have to go back to the ghetto to see how these brasse hustle for something small.”

‘Kak stirvy’ is generally used to describe a self-absorbed person with a superiority complex.

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