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Mvelo Curates a Stellar Line-Up for DarlingAkia

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This Saturday at Kitcheners, Joburg based based DJ Mvelo will be curating his first event,  with the house and techno centred DarlingAkia. The Kalashnikov radio co-founder (and general busy body in the scene) has seriously pulled out all the stops on the line-up, with essentially all of the country’s major cities represented in a diverse collection performers. Amidst all this, Mvelo himself will be anchoring proceedings in a back-to-back set with fellow deep house craftsman Kat la Kat.

It wouldn’t be too far fetched to describe DJing as a very particular form of curation. DJ’s organise sound spaces and create links between disparate pieces of music – deciding where they fit and what this means for their audiences. Perhaps this is why it has survived so well as an art form in the digital era – where these curated wholes can be listened to repeatedly, and their mini-worlds mulled over.

Mvelo himself has taken this approach more deliberately of late with his own mixes, having labelled his latest set The Documentary Parts One and Two and approaching the selection in a didactic as well as a groove-oriented manner.

For the event, a similarly well-considered approach has been taken with sourcing the musicians (the event’s tagline is “stop listening to music/artist’s that you feel most comfortable on listening to”), and the results are something to behold, all moving within a space that could loosely be described as dance music, but with high variation on the styles at play. Cape Town’s Thor Rixon will be bringing his unique new techno-leaning sound to the show in a live set fresh from a European mini-tour. His sound will be sitting opposed to the other live act of the evening, Knysna-based Jumping Back Slash, who has been prodigiously pushing a brand of crunchy, saturated and emotional house in some of the year’s best releases.

The line-up of DJs at the gig is similarly angular, with each taking an approach to dance music that sits tangential to the rest. Cape Town’s often brilliant but serially under-reported ATOM collective will be represented by members Mikey and Schumi’s downtempo and ambient sets. ATOM have, in their own right, built a reputation for putting together unique combinations of experiences in Cape Town that lean towards the deep, if austere and cerebral – all of which could also apply to the art/music group FAKA, though their approach to sound reaches these goals with an in-your-face and high volume approach.

Rounding the line-up off are Andile Mnbete and Jenny Dison. Each of the acts on the line-up would be an experience to see, and not only because half of them would be travelling from elsewhere in the country – but rather because the creativity and thought to put them on the same bill, as well as the skill to execute the admin needed, would tank most attempts.

Catch DarlingAkia at Kitcheners in Braam this Saturday, and head over to the event’s Facebook page for more information on what’s going down, which you can find here

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