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Nakhane Releases Powerful & Sensual ‘Clairvoyant’ Video

Still from 'Clairvoyant'
Still from 'Clairvoyant'

Singer, songwriter, author and actor Nakhane Mavuso, or simply Nakhane, is back with a potent single, accompanied by even more powerful, sexy and daring music video to boot. Despite the ominously violent death threats and nauseating homophobia following his role in the film InxebaNakhane is definitely standing his ground in this beautiful, sensual and complex love story.

Directed by filmmaker Tebogo Malope, the shoulder-bob inducing, neon-lit ‘Clairvoyant’ video features photographer Simiato Matik as Nakhane’s love interest. From the moment the single’s darkly percussive rhythm enters, the video invites the viewer into the intimate, gaping and affectionate moments of a romantic relationship. From passionate kissing and playfighting in bed to occupying separate rooms and accidental wine spills, ‘Clairvoyant’ dares the viewer to engage with its complex beauty, and to see queer relationships as whole and satisfying unions full of magic and vulnerability.

And although the song could easily add to Nakhane’s list of dancefloor anthems, the video for  ‘Clairvoyant’ adds another layer beyond Nakhane’s shadowy lyrics — it’s haunting, arrestingly sensual and openly bold. The lover’s interior world, coupled with Nakhane’s often direct gaze challenge the viewer to reconstruct their ideas of what they know and understand love to look like. Much more than just a titillating love story, the art direction on ‘Clairvoyant’ is enchanting and sublime, the perfect compliment to Nakhane’s aching vocals.

As a new testament in the scripture of love, ‘Clairvoyant’ is both an act of defiance and of celebration.

Watch the video for Nakhane’s latest single below:

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