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New Jumping Back Slash: Spacious, Crunchy and Evolutionary

Jumping Back Slash JBS006

This kind of news always excites us. Jumping Back Slash has released the 6th EP in the JBS00-something series and we couldn’t be happier. Continuing this excellent series of EPs after beginning the new MM00-something series earlier this year. This is one of an almost incessant (but still exciting) run of independent releases on his Bandcamp (a service for which he is a vocal proponent) over the last few years.

The EP as a whole comes across as a considered exploration of celebratory and spacious sounds that whack as much as they woo. It’s smoothly comforting as much as it motivates for a blurry, late night hedonistic throw-down.

The opener ‘Fall in Luv’ successfully instructs you to do just that; get settled into something fresh and new from the massively multifaceted producer, with all the butterflies and excitement that falling in ‘luv’ entails. It’s got majestic vocal pads for the lift, crunching kicks to smash you down and jubilant ‘Hey!’s and ‘Wooh!’s to get you back up every time.

If track one is falling in love, then ‘Tuesday’ is a honeymoon shuffle. The track settles into something more comfortably recognisable yet no less vibrant from the Knysna-based super-producer. That leads into the duplicitously dark-and-bright, sci-fi romp with notes of joyous abandon, ‘No Summer’. This is one for the dark, deep, late night/early morning dancefloors.

The closer, titled ‘Life Pass Me By,’ is a lush, lamenting anti-ballad that either abstractly tells a story of mourning the loss of youth, or flippantly brushes aside the passing of time. It’s hard to tell but easy to get sucked into, either way.

The EP is no doubt a unique offering within his vast and frequently-expanding discography. Not only that, but it’s a clear evolution that doesn’t force the ‘dance’ aspect that dominates much of his sound’s musical heritage. It bodes well for the upcoming (rumoured) label release coming later this year.

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