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New Music: Archy Marshall – The Sea Liner MK 1

Archy Marshall’s many nominal permutations seem to serve as more than a means to irk those trying to catalogue the South London native’s captivating musical endeavours as they evolve before us. He was Zoo Kid at first, and sometimes DJ JD depending on his creative whims and then eventually King Krule for an ostensible wariness of legal repercussions. This time it’s refreshing and joltingly just as himself, purportedly, Archy Marshall with ‘The Sea Liner MK 1’ that comes off the musical component of the sprawling creative endeavour that is A New Place 2 Drown.

It’s fitting then that the hip hop driven tune is as dark and brooding as we imagine him to be. The tinny and sparse beat is agitation made sonic, and one can almost imagine it had been rattling around in his head for some while now in his brief hiatus. As his flow is introduced, that is equal parts lackadaisical in its approach and yet urgent in its intention, it feels as if the listener has been placed at the centre of some implosion as he recounts some failed and fledgling romance. Whether it is an implosion of catharsis, or one that lights the touch paper for something much bigger is left for us to decide when the brief track is done with us. All we surely know is that Archy Marshall in this mien is no less indiscernible and no less exciting than he’s ever been.

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