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New Music: BlaQ-Slim ft BoolZ – Man Of The Year

There has been a concerted effort this year from proponents of the Cape Town rap scene to shed its underdog status.

Discussions have been had, leading figures like Youngsta have spent more time in Johannesburg forging connections, and acts like Boolz have been promoting a proudly Cape Tonian narrative. In the end though all it will always boil down to is making music that resonates, and Blaq-Slim seems ready to deliver with ‘Man of the Year’.

The production, handled by Babylon, is a slow burning cloud rap trap romp and Slim dances off-kilter around the beats rather than staying on them. It oozes charisma, and charisma is the currency Boolz deals in exclusively on his first verse. Maybe 2016 will be the Cape’s year as well as Blaq-Slim’s.

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