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New Music: CHROMATICS – Girls Just Wanna Have Dub

If you’ve followed Chromatics’ sonic mastermind, Johnny Jewel, with any interest, it might seem odd that he chose to accompany the band’s latest single, ‘Shadow’ with the note that “the flame of nostalgia is a tempting black hole to jump into, but I recognize it as a fantasy.”

This is a guy who, after all, uses almost exclusively analogue equipment, has an almost unparalleled penchant for covers, and whose brand of melancholic disco pop can’t be referenced without its 80s origins. Far more in character, then, would be to announce the release of seven different covers of one of the 80’s most recognisable songs, worryingly switch the word ‘fun’ with ‘dub’ in one version, and then flip the sound of the original so entirely as to blur the authenticity of the cover.

Most in character, though, would be to pull it off completely – and show again that, try as he might, the flame of nostalgia burns as brightly for Jewel as it does for the rest of us.

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