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New Music: Cindy Lee – Always Lovers

Women’s Patrick Flegel is no stranger to the fringes of the macabre after being at the heart of the band’s work over the years, but working under the moniker of Cindy Lee, Flegel manages to tap unplumbed levels of melancholy tinged with vain hope. Proof was in last year’s enchanting Act of Tenderness that was like listening to an album-length, dream-like exhale.

‘Always Lovers’ is taken off of Cindy Lee’s upcoming cassette-release, MALENKOST and it’s a heart-rending, slow-torture of a ballad. Flegel’s layered voice is tenuous, yet it manages to carry an inextinguishable light through the cloud of lament that drapes itself over the track like a dense fog. The haunting vocals wouldn’t be out of place in a derelict cathedral, but there’s nothing complicated about the unhurriedly strummed bedroom-guitar sound. Just as there is often nothing overly complicated about love and heartache and disappointment – yet as ‘Always Lovers’ grows turgid with sadness, it’s clear that for Cindy Lee (and for us all) that doesn’t make it any easier.

Listen to the track via Gorilla vs Bear here.

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