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New Music: DIIV – Mire (Grant’s Song)

In a tumblr post that accompanied the release of their latest single, ‘Mire (Grant’s Song)’, Zachary Cole Smith writes a little about the relevance of this latest track as a single in the months leading up to DIIV‘s sophomore album, Is The Is Are:

“this song will help make the album make more sense, partially bc it makes more plain the darkness and heaviness that defines a bulk of the album, whether its musical, lyrical, or in some less tangible way relating to events or moments in my life around the album’s genesis.”

On listening, these words could not better describe the overwhelming sense of gloom that seeps through the heavy and piercing guitars, crashing drums and cymbals, and the dense feedback that comprise a large part of this noticeably more dismal addition to their repertoire. Yet, the quartet has still been able to maintain a crawling rhythm that could get any typical DIIV crowd writhing. While their first two singles, ‘Dopamine’ and ‘Bent (Roi’s Song)’ indicated a slightly more somber tone, it is this latest track that concretizes the forthcoming album’s pervasive gloom, with lyrics such as “I was blind and now I see/ You made a believer out of me/ I was high/ Now I feel low” inferring his much-known drug problem.

Is The Is Are is out on Captured Tracks on 5 February.

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