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New Music: Exit Someone – Sydney, The List Goes On

Exit Someone
Exit Someone

Ex-TOPS member Thom Gillies and June Moon haven’t strayed too far from their strengths with their collaboration to form Exit Someone, but their first single, ‘Sydney, The List Goes On’ oozes of ease and funk as they eke out a lighter sound.

The track is all simmering funk and soul, with both Moon and Gillies gliding easily in and out the infectiously saccharine beat. The song smacks of lemonade on a summer’s day and it’s just as refreshing a move to see from the Montreal-based duo. Still, they had to show there was still substance beneath the shimmer, and Moon’s voice, especially, is fearless as it reaches tremulous highs at will – it’s mightily impressive that the crystalline voice managed to pack the punch of attitude needed to do this melody justice. The two duet to delightful effect throughout the track as the unhurried guitar is joined by a surprising welcome flute that rides and eventually closes out the irresistible swagger of the track. We might need a bit more to find out what Exit Someone are really about, but for now the foot-tapping groove of ‘Sydney, The List Goes On’ will have to suffice.

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