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New Music: ILoveMakonnen – Forever feat. Santigold & 1st

In case you didn’t know, Makonnen is so much more than ‘Tuesday’; his I Love Makonnen 2 EP that dropped this past Friday being the case in point: it’s fucking great. If you follow him on Instagram you’d have seen that he’s undergone some pretty dramatic weight-loss; he’s often pictured shirtless, rocking shades and flamboyant headwear. This party-boy aesthetic, be it a phase or not, has infiltrated his output, too. The EP is brimming with sticky, sugary melodies and his signature indulgent, half-assed vocals (that somehow end up coming off as jarringly sincere).

‘Forever’ is the EP’s opener that will find itself nestled in your brain without too much effort. Its synth-laden construction smacks of 90s electronica and the earworm charm that came with it. Emboldened by his inimitable croon and tangible presence, plus some tasteful dashes of acoustic guitar plucks here and there, the track frames Makonnen’s melancholic lyrics beautifully. Top it off with a Santigold cameo and you’ve got a smoking hot, weirdo cut that’s a prime opener for one of the year’s finer releases.

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