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New Music: Jumping Back Slash is back with new EP, MM001

As we announced just 2 weeks ago, Jumping Back Slash‘s (real name Gareth Jones) recurring project for 2016 will be a series of EPs under the title of Mshini Music. Today he has released the first edition, simply and appropriately titled, MM001.

The word ‘Mshini’ in the title means ‘machine’ or ‘machine gun’. It signifies a focus in the music on sequencers and drum machines and a more stripped down approach. It also has a political context underpinning the production and naming and aesthetic, “more in the sense of music as politics, not really connected to current youth social politics,” says JBS, “but more to do with the elite co-opting house and techno.” The project came together as Jones was “wanting to just make kinda harder, more dark south african tinged house and techno music, little bit of broken beat, little bit of gqom, little bit of everything like i do i guess.”

The music is intended to be percussive and noisy, like a lot of his previous work, but this marks a move to the even more hypnotic.

Stream or buy below:

Check out the brand new video for the EP’s single, ‘STINK MIDI’:

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