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New Music: Kanye West – ‘No More Parties in L.A.’ feat. Kendrick Lamar

Before we’re even half way through with it, it’s already impressive that ‘No More Parties in L.A.’ avoided being a victim of its own hype after fans were allowed a teaser of the track last Friday. The brief seconds that featured on the tail end of ‘Real Friends’ kindled further excitement for another one of the tracks set to be released on a weekly basis in the build up to Kanye West’s highly anticipated album, SWISH, that’s scheduled for release early next month.

Everything on ‘No More Parties in L.A.’ is quietly set up to be exquisite. Here, Kanye West and Kendrick Lamar conspire to achieve the near impossible task of churning out an instant classic and one can’t help but think that – though thrown amongst a mob of listeners competing to be the most skeptical and jaded – they’ve come as close as we could have dared to hope. All the elements collude wonderfully: from the urban cynicism that creeps like ivy up a trellised Beverley Hills mansion wall, to Madlib’s grit in production that lets the track burn familiarly like something off a well-worn 8-track. Lamar’s straining voice churns out another excellent guest feature from whatever inexhaustible source he seems to draw. Whilst West grants us a glimpse of man who looks to be building an enduring legacy, and the image of the eclectic yet earnest family man simultaneously. Don’t let it fool you though; Yeezy will always seek to dominate his environment and his determination to make it known is steelier than ever.

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