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New Music: Memoryhouse – Arizona

The very existence of Memoryhouse must grate those countless artists who crave – and often live and die – for a following and success. The duo of Denise Nouvion and Evan Abeele settled rather languorously into their role as reluctant dream poppers, and already have an impressive debut LP, The Slideshow Effect, under their belt with their follow-up, Soft Hate, expected to be on its way sometime next year.

“Arizona”, taken off Soft Hate, is thoughtful and measured from the outset, but there’s a quiet vein of hope running beneath its solemn exterior that Nouvion’s voice carries with unassuming triumph. Her layered voice is as sure as it is strong, the drum and bass lines are given time and space, and it all allows for the rampant guitar to dissolve satisfyingly into a gloomy, distortion-fuelled buzz. It seems to be something Memoryhouse have worked at – making sure the emotion driven doesn’t veer too strongly towards either being naively hopeful or downright mournful. It manages to land somewhere near enough to the shadowy zone of wistfulness that seems to be the endless source of vitality of most dream pop outfits – and will surely be theirs, too.

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