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New Music: Menchess (Rude Boyz) – Gqom pied piper

Durban’s Rude Boyz have quietly become some of the most prolific dance producers in the country (two new songs have been released since the one I’m writing about here). Beyond the sheer quantity of the music, though, whats really striking is the quality. Going through their SoundCloud page is like watching time-lapse footage of a flower blooming in reverse – each track here sees them growing and adding to their already commendable skills.

And so here we have ‘GQOM pied piper’, which dials back on the frenetic broken beat syncopation and synth heavy work of most GQOM and replaces them with more steady beats and organic sounds. Layers upon layers of Pan Flute and Black Coffee style emotional strings build up to maybe their most accessible climax. I, for one, can’t wait to see where GQOMs pied pipers lead us next.

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