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New Music: Rojojado + Okayshades present Bombora

Something special has been brewing over the past few months in Cape Town. Following the well-deserved breakthrough of the Pop band Beatenberg, drummer Robin Brink (Okayshades) and bassist Ross Dorkin (Rojojado) went into hibernation in their Cape Town studio. They would emerge intermittently for DJ slots, and recently blessed Yours Truly with a live set of new original material of dubby, mid-tempo house excellence. Now – finally – some of the music from those sets has arrived in the form of Bombora.

The ten tracks are immaculately conceived. The production is second to none, and one can feel the glossy veneer they’re finished with, but the ideas that underpin each track is what makes them. The ideas are strong enough, in fact, that each song can be objectively quite sparse while still sounding full and packed with detail. From the first to the final (and possibly best song), it’s quality material. Stream below and keep your eyes glued to the glowLDB soundcloud for further potential surprise drops.

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