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New Music: Still Corners – Horses at Night

If Still Corners have ever had a breakout single, it would be 2010’s ‘Endless Summer’ – a title which could arguably be given to any of their subsequent tracks. And the idea of endlessness is as prominent as ever on ‘Horses at Night’, the dream-pop duo’s latest offering.

The video centres on singer Tessa Murray’s eyes, which flitter between open and closed, but never meet the camera, not even as she sings the songs plea-like refrain: “I want you to stop/Stop breaking my heart”. And the tragedy of the words is compounded by Murray’s inability to look at us dead-on: even she realises that it’s one of those sentences that wouldn’t need to be said if it were true. The bittersweet accompaniment to Murray’s plea remains unspoken; she might want it to stop, but she knows it never will.



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