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Not Sorry Club Returns with a Fierce Line-Up

Not Sorry Club
K-$ for NSC by Jonathan Ferreira

Not Sorry Club kicked off with an absolute banger by hosting legendary UK DJ/producer Ikonika in March of this year. This party, in association with British Council Connect ZA, Joburg’s Pussy Party and event organisers Below The Bassline, launched Not Sorry Club into the trajectory of its aim to build a more inclusive club community, by being femme-centric and organised with the goal of bringing underrepresented talent to the forefront, alongside established artists.

Tonight signals the fourth edition of Not Sorry Club, which features a stellar line-up of Cape Town-based producers and DJs, including the multifaceted ANG, the sweeping force of Angel-Ho, your daddy forever and always K-$, Below The Bassline resident Rosie Parade, soul provider Lady Venom, the brilliant mindset that is Queezy, low-key veteran Sanetran, as well as relative newcomers No Diggity and Pale Blonde (DJ moniker of multi-instrumentalist Gourmet). We caught up with founder and organiser, Anthea Duce, to find out what’s got her excited about Friday’s event:

“The most incredible thing about putting together our fourth party has been the collaborative way in which it has been unfolding. In fact, without that ‘squad deep’ attitude I don’t think we could be pulling it off this Friday! The artists involved have been so damn fierce about being in the space, about having access to that rig, about getting the word out that we’re doing this night! We’ve even had other collectives offering support and practical help, so it actually feels like we are growing into our name, the club part, where we are a community, and one to be reckoned with.”

The FOMO from sleeping on this party will also be something to be reckoned with, and that’s why we’re running a ticket giveaway for someone to win 6 tickets for them and their squad, so as to align with the artists’ unifying attitudes.

Check out our Instagram post below for more. You can also head to the event page for more info and pre-sale tickets are available here.

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