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Okayshades Remixed the Collaborative Mumford Track ‘Si Tu Veux’

Okayshades Mumford and Sons Baaba Maal The Very Best Si Tu Veux

Beatenberg have been busy – touring in the UK, contributing to a joint project with one of the world’s biggest bands and even appearing on Fallon. With such a schedule you wouldn’t think that the band’s individual members would have much energy for music, but it seems that’s not the case.

Robin Brink, captain of the band’s rhythm section, has been increasingly active with solo releases as Okayshades. The first glimpse of his new work ethic we got was with the brilliant collaborative album Bombora alongside fellow Beatenberg member Rojojado. That preceded the cathartic release of a mass of demos and the release of an almost criminally slick single on Julian Gomes and Kid Fonque‘s Stay True Sounds label.

Just 3 weeks ago, ‘shades blessed us all with possibly his biggest work yet, both in terms of the scale of the reach it will have and in the content of the music: a thumping techno remix of Mumford and Sons’ ‘Si Tu Veux with Baaba Maal and The Very Best’.

The production wears it’s influences on its sleeves, nestling itself somewhere between the sounds of DJ Koze’s Pampa imprint and early Heavy K-style durban house. The rolling chord stabs open up during build ups over Baaba’s vocals like a Pampa production would, but the bass bounces and expands on it’s main theme with a securely localised flair.

Stream the song above and check out further Mumford remixes here.

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