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Meet Platform’s New Managing Editor: Maneo Mohale

Platform Managing Editor Maneo Mohale by Kgomotso Neto Tleane
image by Kgomotso Neto Tleane

It’s a very exciting day for Platform (and for me personally), as we take the big step from having a massive management team of one, to exactly double of that.

Thus far, although 99% of the good work and fresh ideas that we’ve managed to publish since relaunching in November 2015 has come from the brilliant minds of our immensely insightful and far-reaching contributors, all the other stuff that’s needed to maintain consistency and do spell-checks and post on Facebook has been my job.

We have finally gotten to the point where the workload for Platform and our clients (as well as the exciting plans for the year) warrant the expansion of the team. After wading through some really excellent applications, someone had to be selected and I am certain that Platform is getting the smartest choice.

Maneo Mohale has just wrapped up a stunning writing fellowship with Portland-based Bitch Media, with a focus on Global Feminism. Through that she has travelled to their US headquarters for some in-office work and some podcasting, and had work published on their online portal on subjects of #BlackGirlMagic and a rundown of unmissable African feminist webseries. She’s also been doing work as a media consultant with Iranti during their media advocacy campaign surrounding the Hate Crimes Bill, as well as writing on culture and politics for a variety of publications across the country. She also served as a founding co-editor of University of British Columbia’s collective online student journalism platform, The Talon.

On top of that, she has experience in running workshops, passion for social justice of all forms, and a drive to transform the world of arts journalism – plus she’s REALLY nice. She describes herself as “extremely passionate about what happens at the complicated and fascinating intersections of culture, media, identity and history.” and observes that “South Africa’s media landscape is just beginning to see the immense power that voices from the margins of society can have, and as a queer feminist writer with a deep love for music and culture, I’m inspired to add my own perspective on the unbelievably exciting and challenging currents happening around me everyday.”

It’s safe to say she’ll fit right in and undoubtedly make a huge impact on taking what Platform already has and extend the mission and impact of our collective future.

I’d love it if you would give her a warm welcome to the team at Platform, by shouting her out on her Twitter, smashing that like on her Instagram and signing up for the about-to-be-revamped-and-revived-by-Maneo Platform Fortnightly Newsletter.

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