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PLATFORM Presents: 01 Artist Profiles – Beatenberg

Artist Profile #4 Beatenberg Set time: 00:00

Artist Profile #4


Set time: 00:00

The slick Cape Town pop trio, who found cross-over success last year with their single, ‘Chelsea Blakemore’, has accomplished something that not many South African bands have the ability to do; be played repetitively on 5FM without having the song be completely ruined for everyone. Everyone still loves it. The music video that followed was also a fun, meme-inspired pop dream which showcased the kind of backing their hard work has earned.

Since then their latest track and video collaborations with DJ Clock, ‘Pluto (Remember You)’, have further entrenched their pioneering position as the first South African band to embrace pop in a way that it works for them and not the other way round. Through a deep understanding and love for music, they have crafted a sound which doesn’t require any compromise to be appealing on a mass level.

There are loads of reasons to watch them. Here are my two:

1)To watch Robin Brink drum.

2)To see their glorious cover of Frank Ocean’s ‘Thinkin Bout You’ that I can only pray they will play.

Here’s the video for ‘Pluto (Remember You)’ to get you excited.

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