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PLATFORM Presents: 01 Artist Profiles – John Wizards

Artist Profile #5 John Wizards Set time: 01:00


Artist Profile #5

John Wizards

Set time: 01:00

John Wizards first started making noise in the cyber spaces just under a year ago. Since then, their debut eponymous album and dedication to fine tuning their live performance has seen them sign with Planet Mu, tour Europe with Jagwar Ma and receive boundless critical acclaim. The writing partnership between frontmen John Withers and Emmanuel Nzaramba has produced some of the most groundbreaking sounds which, while holding eclectic qualities, have maintained a necessarily resonating sincerity.

Recently they have been playing at a number of shows in Cape Town and Johannesburg, which means that their intricate live performance is getting tighter and tighter. With the boundaries between live and electronic music growing increasingly redundant, John Wizards provides their audience with a shining example of an all-inclusive musical experience refined through hard work and a love for what they do.

Be sure to catch their set at 01:00, right after Beatenberg. Here’s a video of a live recording of their single, ‘Limpop’, filmed by Aperture. It’s wild and should give you goosebumps for what’s to come.

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