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Platform Recommends: NOVA, a Multi-Sensory Exploration of Deep and Dub Techno

A brand new ambitious collective has just joined the music landscape in Cape Town in the form of ATOM. They will be launching their ambitious mission of “exploring the reciprocity of sensory stimulus and human interaction” with the appropriately named event, ‘NOVA’ at the Waiting Room in Long Street this Thursday night.

The line-up pushes an almost puritan focus on deep and dub techno, a sound which seems to have begun gripping the left-of-centre space in music in Cape Town in the past few months.

The journey begins with ambient dub techno from Mikey Weinberg and Schumi, and as the night plays out, the rotating DJ sets will begin to explore bolder and deeper techno, with Shift Mawelele of DeeTo Sessions, who has been actively spreading these sounds in areas dominated by a taste for deep and afro house since 2007. The night will close out with a B2B2B from all three acts.

Thom Drier of Pupil Visuals will be on decor and custom visuals duties. The event aims to achieve a direct engagement between visuals and imagery seamlessly, something Drier has proven himself on with his work on this past New Year’s Eve event in Caledon, The Search, all of which is documented beautifully below:

For a taste of what to expect from at least some of the night, check out this mix from Mikey Weinberg below and explore the samples of the visuals and music on offer here (along with all the details of the event).

Although this is a brand new promoter, the subtly crafted imagery, relatively progressive line-up and ambitious language suggests that ATOM itself may grow to be a strong and positive presence in the Cape Town dance music landscape, the start of which will be seen with the launch tomorrow night.

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