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Platform Recommends: Quit Safari Label Tour feat. Rival Consoles at SWIM

Quit Safari is a podcast based on friendship. Listening to one of their shows feels like being  invited to a listening session where everyone knows each other and they’re not scared to play songs there are still rough drafts. Except, of course, that the drafts are uniformly interesting and engaging, making their partnership more akin to the Justice League than anything else. The show oozes with a grounded and low-slung personality, but most of the dialog here is to introduce the new music, of which there is plenty.

The latest episode alone features new music from Fever Trails, a standout number from the new Damascvs, some unheard Hessien+ and a couple of equally sultry and comforting tracks from N.Y based John Bigmun. Stream it below, and once you’re convinced of their powers (which you will be) strap on your helmets and dancing shoes to join the Quit Safari boys on their national tour with the UK based Rival Consoles.

The tour is sponsored by the British Council (through their serially rewarding and forward-looking ConnectZA programme ), but retains a distinctively local and homemade feel.

The tour’s first stop is at SWIM this weekend and we couldn’t recommend it more.

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