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PLATFORM’s Schedule for Rocking the Daisies 2014

Every year, Rocking the Daisies (and their competitors) gets slightly bigger than the year before. More attendees, more stalls, more…

Every year, Rocking the Daisies (and their competitors) gets slightly bigger than the year before. More attendees, more stalls, more debauchery, and, of course, more acts. This inevitability means that every years it gets slightly tougher to fit everything in, and some difficult choices are faced about which bands to watch at which time.

To help you out a bit, we’ve put together our schedule of which bands we’ll be watching at which times, with a write-up about a few interesting selections. This is where you’ll most likely find us this weekend.

So, here’s our schedule. What’s yours?



As there’s only one stage on Thursday, there’s not much choice to be made. We are, however, incredibly excited to see Sakawa Boys break their festival virginity. Expect fireworks. – AP



14:05 – Momentss (Main Stage)

Originally standing for Motheo Moleko and The Space Section; rap, hip hop and funk are the order of the day here. There is no other band in Cape Town doing what these guys have set out to do. With a large emphasis placed on conscious and politically motivated subject matter, there is an even larger emphasis placed on groove and making people dance. They are on the brink of releasing their highly anticipated debut LP which is bound to ask some significant questions of all of us. Bottom line: it’s Friday, you’ve just arrived at Daisies, your tent is set up, and you’re ready for a great weekend. Ensure that greatness by watching Momentss at 14:05 on the Main Stage. – MR

15:00 – Wildebeats (Electro Dome)

16:00 – Slabofmisuse (Electro Dome)

17:00 – DJ Fosta (Electro Dome)

18:00 – Thor Rixon/Fever Trails (Nu World Beat Club/Electro Dome)

We’ve tried not to include clashes, as this defeats the point of this article entirely. However, there are a few that we need to highlight. Fever Trails played at the Nu World Beat Barn last year and were mesmerising. This year, they have a slightly re-tooled line-up that is geared toward achieving the difficult feat of performing their sound entirely live. Thor Rixon played his first live show at The Assembly a few months ago and, along with his large list of collaborators and his band, was electric. They will be opening the Beat Club this year, and it’s definitely not something to be missed. – AP

19:30 – Samthing Soweto (Nu World Beat Club)

Cape Town is not as well versed in the ways of Samthing Soweto as Johannesburg is. Samkelo Mdolomba, the frontman of Johannesburg neo-jazz trio, The Fridge, is set to deliver a complete sonic takeover. His EP, Eb’Suku, released earlier this year was a fine example of how vocal-centric music is ripe with space for experimentation. His soulful and sultry tone, incredibly impressive range, flow and phrasing are all firmly cemented foundations for why you should check out his set at the Nu World Beat Club at 19:30 on Friday. – MR

21:00 – BCUC/Okmalumkoolkat (Nu World Beat Club/Electro Dome)

We were very excited by the inclusion of both Okmalumkoolkat and Joburg-based group BCUC. We’re sure most people will end up watching the futuremfana, which is great as his performance is sure to be incredibly memorable, but it would be a shame if that came at the expense of BCUC drawing a big crowd.

The futuremfana makes his debut appearance at Rocking the Daisies! It seems ridiculous that this is only taking place in 2014, but it’s a celebration nonetheless. His set at 21:00 at the Electro Dome will transport you into a futuristic coma of Allblackblackkat visions, lightsaber assegais and dance. Having recently released his debut solo EP, Holy Oxygen I, through Vienna’s Affine Records, this may act as the perfect setting for him to grace us with the live material that he’s been dropping all over Europe. Another exciting element is the undeniable stage presence chemistry between Okmalumkoolat and DJ/Manager, JakobSnake (Jake Lipman), which is simply effortless and flawless all at once.

This is bound to be a performance unlike any other that you’ve ever experienced before. The first we knew of BCUC was when this performance of theirs, at the Great Wide Open Festival in the Netherlands in 2011, was doing the rounds online. Their traditional, cyclical approach to their sound is modernised through the energy and subject matter injected into their performance. This will be a true celebration of music and people delivered by a group of extraordinarily passionate musicians. As it goes with any festival with good curation, they are sadly performing at the same time as Okmalulmkoolkat – 21:00 – but at the Nu World Beat Club. These are two acts that pose a serious problem when having to choose between them, but if you’re able to bounce between the two, it is highly recommended. – MR

22:30 – Card on Spokes (Nu World Beat Club)

Shane Cooper first introduced an extended Card On Spokes ensemble in June this year, organised with City Soiree, which resulted in a life altering experience for everyone in attendance. Rocking the Daisies is fortunate enough to share the same fate. This time he’s playing with legendary trumpeter, Lee Thomson, Bokani Dyer on synth and Bonj Mpanza on vocals. There will be three new vocal tracks, as well as Mpanza’s interpretation of ‘Ladders’ and ‘Rain’ off Lead Me To The Water. The rest will be instrumental with plenty of space for fun and experimentation with some of the most experienced improvisers South Africa has to offer. Do not miss this. Friday at 22:30 at the Nu World Beat Club. – MR

23:45 – BIG FKN GUN (Nu World Beat Club)



10:00 – Diamond Thug (Main Stage)

12:10 – Bongeziwe Mabandla (Main Stage)

13:00 – Cutting Gems (Electro Dome)

14:20 – Mokoomba (Main Stage)

15:25 – John Wizards (Main Stage)

After a year in which they catapulted to global prominence, John Wizards make their triumphant return to South Africa with a world-wise sensibility and the experience of having played on some of the biggest stages in the world, including Glastonbury, Prima Vera, and more. Their scintillating live shows will be well-known to many at this stage, and they will surely win over all the remaining few uninitiated. – AP

16:30 – Beatenberg (Main Stage)

Perhaps the biggest band in the country right now, Beatenberg have had an unbeatable 2014. With two consecutive songs reaching number 1, followed by the triumph that was their debut full-length The Hanging Gardens of Beatenberg, they are sure to attract a massive crowd of devoted fans singing along to all their memorable singles. There is much to be excited about seeing Beatenberg on the main stage on Saturday afternoon – we’re giddy at the prospect. – AP

17:00 – Felix Laband (Electro Dome)

18:00 – Christian Tiger School (Electro Dome)

19:55 – Crystal Fighters (Main Stage)

21:50 – MGMT (Main Stage)

MGMT are the wildcard here, which is a weird thing to say about perhaps the biggest foreign headliner on the entire line-up. With Rudimental and Crystal Fighters there is a definite degree of knowing what you’ll get; not so with Benjamin Goldwasser and Andrew VanWyngarden. They have been booed, even, at festivals gone by. This seems mostly owing to the problem they have with their debut album’s success. If they play neither ‘Kids’ nor ‘Electric Feel’, don’t be surprised, though we won’t begrudge anyone the ill-feelings this is likely to cause, especially as their later two, more experimental albums Congratulations and MGMT were hardly groundbreaking efforts.

23:45 – Rudimental Live (Main Stage)

00:00 – Trancemicsoul (Electro Dome)

01:00 – The Presets (Electro Dome)

02:30 – Rudimental DJ Set (Electro Dome)




10:00 – Bye Beneco (Main Stage)

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