Platform Workshop 001 and First Public Screening of ‘Femme in Music’

Platform Workshop Ikonika Film Screening Femme In Music
Images of Nandi, Colleen, Allison and Phatsoki by Georg Gatsas. Others supplied.

In the world of Southern African music, everything is connected. Music is connected to culture, the cultural is connected to politics and, as we know, the political is inextricable from the personal.
As individual as our personal connections to music are, everything is made richer, deeper and more meaningful when we connect music to community.

…which is why Platform is more than little excited to launch the first of an ongoing series of workshops that seek to deepen our relationship with our community, by building forums around a range of different topics and themes that will be useful to different sets of people who engage with music on any level.

The aim of Platform Workshops is to create a series of spaces to contribute to the development of a deeper, more productive, more connected and more accessible level of engagement by all players in the world of Southern African music; be they the listeners, the performance-goers, the industry professionals (or amateurs), the performers, the songwriters or the critics.

Platform Workshop 001

Kicking things off with a bang, our inaugural workshop, “Learning from the Feminine: How to Foster more Respect and Inclusivity in Collaborative Work”, will be hosted in partnership with Pussy Party – the much-beloved pro-femme platform that encourages and develops the talent and skills of femme DJs in Jozi, and focused on the explorations in Zandile Tisani‘s new film, ‘Femme in Music: On Tour With Ikonika’.

The workshop will be separated into two parts:

Part 1: The Film Screening
The first part will be the first public screening of a short film centred around UK electronic producer and DJ Ikonika, and her recent South African teaching residency and tour. Directed by award-winning South African filmmaker, musician and storyteller Zandile Tisani, the film follows Ikonika’s collaborations with local musicians and artists and celebrates the range and depth of what’s possible when artists connect over shared passions.

Part 2: Discussion, learning and Action
The second part of the workshop will be an open and interactive discussion, led by a panel of womxn and femmes who will talk briefly about their own experiences of resisting restrictive and exclusionary spaces, while subverting them to be more inclusive and respectful, as well as creating their own. The conversation will be an open exchange with the audience, where folks are welcome to share their own experiences, while brainstorming practical actions, solutions and resources to take home into their own projects and workspaces.

The panel includes social organiser and entrepreneur Nandi ‘Mamakashaka’ Dlepu, award-winning filmmaker (and director of the film being screened) Zandi Tisani, the film’s producer Allison Swank, DJ, editor of the film and promoter at Pussy Party Phatstoki, the organiser of the tour and Pussy Party promoter Colleen Balchin (aka Rosie Parade) and Durban DJ and blogger SoKool. The discussion will be moderated by Platform’s very own Managing Editor, Maneo Mohale.

Catch the official preview of the film, ‘Femme in Music: On Tour with Ikonika’, and click through for the full details for the workshop, which starts at 7pm sharp:


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