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Premiere! Brand new Cape Town act, Gourmet’s debut single, ‘Animals’

After hearing Gourmet’s ‘Animals’ just once, it seems a quaint idea that his peculiar aesthetic (including finding out just what he would do when faced with a ripe papaya and a toy Ferrari) would be most perplexing thing about the emerging Cape Town artist.

However, the first single released from his upcoming debut release, Cashmere (via brand-new Cape Town label/arts collective 1991), emphatically shows that Gourmet is concerning himself with much more than just blowing hot air.

The glossy ‘Animals’ swirls with kinetic energy as Gourmet introduces himself with a resounding bass that leaves an almost imperceptible buzz in its wake. Here, he cleverly taps into that private well of narcissism that’s required to produce this particular brand of preening pop-rock that likes of Hot Chip and Metronomy have seemed to trademark in recent years. It’s all smooth contours and crisp horn lines that perfectly accent his voice as it wanders into an earnest – if not very polished – falsetto. The result is the whimsical and audacious groove that lets ‘Animals’ smoulder just like any summertime track worth its salt should. The irony in his singing, ‘trying to be cool, so I wouldn’t bore you,’ leaves one musing on what Gourmet could produce if he actually tried to be any bolder.

While listening, check out their beautiful website. So slick and professional.

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