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Premiere! Jumping Back Slash shares a mesmerising video for ‘Horses’

We at Platform have long been fans and avid followers of Jumping Back Slash (Gareth Jones). He’s been a long time advocate and producer of the now globally-recognised beautifully soul-twisting sound of GQOM, which has now found traction in dance music circles in the UK and around the globe. Usually making a whole world of variants on the sound vaguely defined as “house”, and having seen (almost too many) releases both independently and on a number of respected left-of-centre labels, Jones has given us the privilege of premiering ‘Horses’.

Offering us a full Jumping Back Slash experience, having made literally everything about this video, have a looksee below and be mesmerised and entranced by the slowly morphing, incessantly pulsating and grippingly eerie video for the opening title track (which is all of those adjectives and more) for his new three track EP.

“I’m putting out a new EP called Horses.
It’s a bit more four to the floor and it’s about drum machines.”

– (classic JBS)

The Horses EP is everything you need to get through the bullshit of the world at the moment and feel strengthened to fight the good fight – especially with Barry in Accounting – and can be previewed and purchased below:

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