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Pretty Sorry Shares Pulsing, Spaced-out 00s-Rock-esque Debut, ‘Still In Bed’

There are many reasons to lament the end of the musical hotchpotch that was the 00’s. From the excess of boy (and girl) group fandom, Timbaland literally being everywhere and Limp Bizkit (RIP) – the advent of the digital age did wondrous and terrible things for music with equal impunity. Amidst this rubble, the demise of the angst-riddled bedroom-recorded MySpace project is one that would be easy to forget if it was not for the generous throwback (and aptly named) “Still In Bed”.

The striking new single from Pretty Sorry evokes all the same youthful nostalgia that is stuffed into The Outsiders sample that opens up for the lush guitar squall. Over pulsing and rollicking drums, the shimmering guitar lines cut swathes through the song that are reminiscent of early Beach Fossils, Dom or DIIV. The warped and spaced vocals evoke the abstract vocal work of John Maus which is used to ratchet up the tension over the songs indulgent five minutes. It is bravely earnest and refreshingly simple; a kind reminder that some things are considered tried and tested for one simple reason: they are just good.

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