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Meet Chloe Andrea, a rapper-slash-stylist from Cape Town who also enjoys a good comic book and collects bouncing balls. After a good social media stalking session her aesthetic and the way she puts things together has got my attention; a surprisingly smooth mix of girly and urban style with dark goth-y undertones. Her portfolio is impressive and after learning she’s working on a rap album too I had to have a chat with her to learn more.

“This shit on my mind is oh so heavy.
It’s all tangled up like my moms spaghetti.”

After studying graphic design at Vega, The Brand Communications School, Chloe began using her impeccable eye as a wardrobe/fashion stylist. How did a background in graphic design help her on this path? “It’s aided me in understanding how brands operate and allowed me to translate briefs into the appropriate wardrobe selections that speak the brand”.

images by Darren Gwynn. Digital Assistant: Tegan Smith. 1st Assistant: Loucas Polydorou

Images by Darren Gwynn. Digital Assistant: Tegan Smith.
1st Assistant: Loucas Polydorou

Chloe’s styling work (including spreads for Cosmopolitan and A Fashion Friend) can be viewed on her sleek personal website chloeandrea.com. Her personal style shines through every shoot and it’s clear she collaborates with only the best of the best in the industry. One of her latest projects includes working on bringing Canal Walk’s Fashion Hub to life, a four day experience which featured the screening of a 3D fashion show.

Dressing celebrities and models for advertising campaigns, fashion shows and tv commercials sounds like a glitzy dream, but Chloe says anyone in the fashion industry knows how unglamorous it can get behind the scenes. When things get ‘mad stressful’ she’s been known to unwind in the form of a pole dancing class.

Free time isn’t in abundance in her super busy life, but any moment she can get is spent working on her budding rap career. An album is currently in the works which includes a collaboration with Deader than Disco, the electro duo from Joburg. Future goals include focusing more on her passion for creating music, as well as bringing the fashion line she’s been dreaming up in her head for years now to life.

Follow Chloe on Twitter for snippets what’s happening on shoots and the occasional rap lyric, her Tumblr to get a glimpse at the weirdly beautiful things that inspire her, and Instagram for behind the scenes snaps, thrift shop finds, and awesome clothes she’s admiring at the moment.

Keep an eye on this girl who lives by Brain’s words to Pinky: ‘Try to take over the world.’

Written by Andie Reeves for a now-defunct section of Platform called ‘Fashion’.


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