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PURE’s ‘No Secret’ Marks Her Solo Debut with Grace in Vulnerability

PURE by Purity Mkhize
PURE / Courtesy of the Artist

Purity Mkhize is no new face to the greater South African music audience. Having made headway in the late 00’s / early 10’s with her Durban-based band, Fruits and Veggies, she is already known for a voice which is immensely diverse, but holds a forte in evoking mood and creating powerfully emotive moments.

‘No Secrets’, as a combined musical and visual representation of the space she now occupies as PURE, marks a beautifully stark contrast to her Fruits and Veggies days. Her words in PURE’s Facebook post announcing the video addressed this:

“The significance of the search for self and internal happiness has been so clear and I’ve started listening in a big way for the very first time. This is my way of saying to myself ‘Purity I hear you loud and clear’”.

The video, directed by Kyle Lewis, features Purity and a supporting crew in the nude, and is one of the more sincerely and gracefully executed performances of this nature we will have come across for some time. There is no need for nostalgia or irony here. The vulnerability is palpable, but so is the confidence which has been earned through the journey for acceptance and appreciation of self. “This video embodies everything I believe in and stand for as a woman, as an artist and as an ever growing entity. I’ll let the piece speak for itself.”

Take a look at the video below:

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