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Rose Bonica Releases Debut EP ‘Rosy Disposition’

Rose Bonica by Ashiq Johnson
Image by Ashiq Johnson / Supplied

In the past few months, Rose Bonica has worked her way from bedroom producer to being an increasingly lauded artist – and label co-head at Wet Dreams Recordings – whilst also building performance momentum with gigs across the country. With a strong love for sampling, Rose expresses herself vulnerably, and reveals who she truly is through her music, which can flow from enchanting to (enjoyably) jarring in a single breath.

Having gotten into music production in 2016, her first major nod came from Jumping Back Slash, when she was hosted on his Radar Radio show, and shared her debut track, ‘Let’s Get Married‘.

This was closely followed by her first release on Wet Dreams Recordings’ compilation Work Not Hype, launched in collaboration with Bubblegum Club’s inaugural New Sound Night. That compilation had her amongst heavyweights such as London’s Altered Natives, Jumping Back Slash and more.

It’s all too clear as to how much of Rose Bonica’s efforts are echoed by the sentiment of the title of that Wet Dream Recording’s compilation: Work Not Hype. This is further reinforced by the fact that tomorrow will see the release of her debut 6-track EP, Rosy Disposition:

“Rosy Disposition is my tendency for optimism knowing that it will lead to disappointment. I realised I need to be objective and think beyond my own perspective. When I am disappointed or when I make a mistake in life the responsibility should not land on anyone but myself. It’s easy to forget this when we live in a world where everything is about ourselves. This is my catharsis.”

The EP will be released on Wet Dreams Recordings Bandcamp page and the launch will take place at Yours Truly Loop tomorrow night; featuring Jumping Back Slash and a pioneer in the history of South African electronic music, Markus Wormstorm. This definitely won’t just be your average Friday night out at Yours Truly. This will be special. It will be emotional.

Check the event page for more info on the launch. In the meanwhile, become acquainted with the EP through the intriguingly psychedelic video by artist Morgansmomm for lead single, ‘I Was Trying To Be Sincere’:

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