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Sakawa Boys Release Debut LP, ‘2014 Anxiety’

Sakawa Boys 2014 Anxiety Haasbroek

Sakawa Boys have just released their debut LP 2014 Anxiety. Following on from last year’s EP, V, the 8-track album has been highly anticipated in select corners of the country and the internet (including this one).

On V, the band – made up of four gifted emissaries of the Cape Town music landscape – constructed a sound large enough to feel at home on big stages and complexly intricate enough to be enjoyed in the smaller venues that they’ve mostly played so far. But it was always the unreleased tracks that excited audiences most at their live shows, and on 2014 Anxiety we finally get the chance to ingest them all in one go.

The album showcases each component part of the band but never feels anything less than a perfectly-coherent whole. Each song seems to stretch the limits of what they can be ever so gradually, and the end result is an expansive, entirely immersive listen that refuses to relinquish the grip it holds its listeners in. Highlights are tough to pick but early frontrunners include ‘There’s No Harm in Trying’ and ‘Blakaut’.

These are only initial thoughts about an album that feels like it will only get better on repeat listens.

Buy it off iTunes or stream it on Apple Music.

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