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Samthing Soweto Releases Mysterious 10-Track Mixtape

Samthing Soweto This N That Without Tempo
Image from artist's social media / photographer unknown

Thursday morning last week Samthing Soweto – enigma and frequent feature vocalist – released a mysterious album on his SoundCloud called This N That Without Tempo. He dropped the links one by one on his Twitter account, and said nothing afterwards.

This N That Without Tempo is an album Sam recorded in 2010, which he thought would have been a mixtape. “I labelled it a mixtape but it looking at it now it does qualify as my first album.” This was a year before The Soil, the group he used to be part of, released its self-titled debut album.

Listening to Soweto’s latest release just shows how ahead of his time the man has always been.

It features gorgeous new versions of tracks like ‘Peace and Lovely Things’ and ‘uCash’ which were previously released with the 3-piece jazz act he also once formed a crucial part of, The Fridge.

The 10-track release is Samthing Soweto as a capella as we’ve grown to love him – smooth vocals over layers of ethereal hums and a beatbox. As it states on his Twitter bio, “I make music for your enjoyment, I inspire relaxation n all round goodwill amongst people.” This release, another soothing listen, won’t necessarily solve your problems, but will give you a break from the world, if only for an hour.

This project affords the loyal fan the opportunity to hear what their fave used to sound like before he became who he is now. And, to be honest, he sounds just as polished as he does today.

Samthing Soweto’s full-length album, Val’amehlo, which was due for a March 31st release, still hasn’t dropped. This release may be a way of giving the fans something to chew on while he pulls a Frank Ocean. It’ll do, but that album is still hotly anticipated.

On Saturday, the artist released a brand new track, ‘Just Ask Her Out to Lunch’ described as the first version of his track ‘Kwamampela’. He describes it: “This song is basically ‘Kwamampela’ but before it was that it was called ‘just take her out to lunch.’ I made this song 2013 and sent it to Bradley who was running Motive Records at the time. Bradley loved the song and called a few producers to work on it. Long story short… it wasn’t released then, but I am releasing it now.”

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