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Sibot Throws Back to The Real Estate Agents With New Mix ‘Landlord Remax’

Sibot has been at the vanguard of electronic music in this country for a remarkable amount of time. It’s difficult to stay relevant after over two decades working in a famously fickle local music industry, but he’s made it look easy. More importantly, he’s made it endlessly exciting for the many people who’ve followed his movements throughout the years.

Max Normal was the group that shot one Watkin Tudor Jones (better known now as Ninja of Die Antwoord) to prominence and of which Sibot was a major contributor before the group split up and reformed as This act is still looked back on with glistening favour by most Cape Town inner city electronic music lovers. That said, for many it was his collaboration with Markus Wormstorm as the Real Estate Agents that formed the highlight of the mid-2000s African Dope catalogue. All three of those acts had some or other version of the classic track, ‘Super Evil’ in some form or other – with it’s ominous squeal of a lead melody and broken beat – which Sibot inevitably included in this mix.

Sibot has since propelled himself from the darling of the local and global underground into something of an icon and it is in this context that he revisits that old Real Estate Agents catalogue from 2004-2007 to create a 15-minute mix entitled ‘Sibot’s Landlord Remax’.

Most exciting for fans is the inclusion of some unreleased material from that era, and some early work from Markus Wormstorm, Teba and once-regular collaborator Spoek Mathambo. It’s a great listen and serves as more than just a throwback, as Sibot has sampled these old sounds to bring them up to speed with where he and his sound are at in 2016.

The artwork for the mix even references the cover art for some of their decade-old original releases.

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