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Sol Gems Releases Their Psychedelic Debut LP, ‘Lapis Lazuli’

Sol Gems Lapis Lazuli Hanro Havenga Elio the Illustrator
Image courtesy of the artist / Original image: Hanro Havenga / Edit: Elio the Illustrator
Sol Gems Lapis Lazuli Niall Bingham

cover art by Niall Bingham

It’s a tropical oasis set in space, and Sol Gems invite you to dive straight in with the release of Lapis Lazuli, the newest crystal in their collection. This is Sol Gems’ first 7-track album that follows the release of Standing With the Sun/Under the Palms in 2015.

The record is due for vinyl release in 2017 and flaunts how the band has blossomed. It’s nostalgically retrospective towards its psychedelic roots of rock ‘n roll, fused with experimental nuances that exhibits band members Gabriel, Pano and Stru’s increasingly distinct sound. The ethereal mood that’s laced with groove is indicative of a culture caught between a nostalgic love for analogue and a world taking the shape of science fiction. It looks forward to a mysterious future while reminiscing the past through a kaleidoscopic lense. Lapis Lazuli moves through a garden of floating guitars, wavy synths, tender riffs and dreamy vocals.

The album is immersive, involved, and brimming with movement.

There will soon be no unchartered territory for Sol Gems, who have appeared on major festivals line-ups throughout the year while ‘Over the Shoulder‘ floats through the airwaves. The album gives context to the tropical-psychedelic single, which features romantic harmonies from Jenny Dison, as well as ‘Psaaak’, the instrumental track released with studio footage in October. The band represents a growing psychedelic revival in Southern Africa, and perhaps stand at the front of a new wave of popular culture, blooming into a fresh interpretation of the free-lovers of the past embellished with jewels of the future.


1. All that Is
2. Over the Shoulder
3. Forever Signs
4. Gifts
5. Psaaak
6. Echo Eyes
7. The Crystal Kids
Immerse yourself in Lapis Lazuli on iTunes/Apple Music here and check out the studio footage for ‘Psaak’ below. Sol Gems will be playing full sets in the Cape at Psych Night’s debut weekend festival Endless Daze on 11-13 November (full feature here) and in Gauteng at A Place In The Sun the following weekend.

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