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Spoek Mathambo Returns with a Transcendental and Groove-Driven Message

I Found You by Spoek Mathambo
Track Artwork / Courtesy of the Artist

Following his recent focus on building up momentum for the Teka Music label (home to Spoek Mathambo, Batuk, BLACSWET, Kitsuko, Fantasma, Vukazithathe and Raul Abastado), Spoek Mathambo now blesses us with the transcendental single ‘I Found You’.

He calls on the production chops of Jumping Back Slash, with instrumental features from Fantasma and vocals from the soul-duo Kajama, who gifted us with their funk-infused single ‘Block‘ last month. The amalgamation of these highly significant forces on one track has manifested in immensely soulful vocals and rhythmic guitar and bass.

Instead of taking the ‘floating-seamlessly-above’ approach that many tracks of this nature take, ‘I Found You’ chooses to engage and grapple with a more energised and uplifting gqom-esque beat foundation. The result is a song that reaches out to you as a powerful singular entity, drawing on a core of enlightened emotion that celebrates a sense of achievement – one that has been earned through years of endless effort.

‘I Found You’ marks the first single off Spoek Mathambo’s forthcoming Mzansi Beat Code album. It also acts as the initial invitation to see what his recent obsession with non-verbal beats, rhythms and melodies has brought to fruition.

Essentially, ‘I Found You’, embodies a sound which Spoek has been searching for, for some time now. In a think-piece on the track by The FADER, Spoek elaborates on this:

“I did a lot of experiments with my first two albums, but didn’t really get to where I wanted to be until the first Fantasma album, Free Love. The melange of our guitar and bass styles with beats is the sweet spot. I’m pretty happy to realize my ‘I Found You’ leads with bass and guitar from our folk music, Maskandi. I’ve been in love with the music for a long time, but had no access to the roots until 2012, meeting with Thulasizwe and Phuzekhemisi and eventually Bhekisenzo Cele or Vukazithathe. When I say ‘I Found You,’ I feel like I’m talking to myself.”

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