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Stiff Pap Team Up With GinaJeanz For ‘Amagroovist’ Remix

Stiff Pap
Image by Micha Serraf

One of the biggest revolutions in modern blockbuster filmmaking has been that of worldbuilding. Where audiences before could only ever expect to see small chunks of the environments their favourite characters lived in, today these universes are interconnected – each movie revealing more of that world. While the experiment is becoming more commonplace, most nerds will keenly remember the excitement of having followed one or another fictional hero and seeing them suddenly involved in the struggles of another. No matter how cool these characters were alone, they were ever more exciting assembled.

Similar feelings often crop up when witnessing the birth of a new music scene, with equal levels of excitement at seeing the colliding worlds of (seemingly) disparate characters you’ve become invested in. A prime example of this is the new Remix of Stiff Pap’s ‘Amagroovist’ by the producer GinaJeanz, released through the Kwaai-fi label and collective.

On their own, each of the parties involved here had already done enough to grab our attention. Namibian-born and raised GinaJeanz is a polyglot of note, with music being only one of a few areas she calls a creative home. Besides an avid eye for visual design, she churns out refined, well-grounded electronic rap production, somewhere between the worlds of Dubstep revival and the jazz backed noodling of Acts like Cid Rim.

The original ‘Amagroovist‘ was a track from the dance / rap duo Stiff Pap’s debut EP Based on a GQO Story, which has seen them break out beyond their taste-maker audiences to wider audiences. Their irreverent, home-based approach to both rap and dance is a much-needed breath of fresh air in the local scene earlier in the year.

That these two acts have met on a Kwaai-fi released track won’t be a surprise to anyone following the Cape-based collective. They have been striving since conception to more clearly define the links between seemingly different musical styles in their city. It’s the type of cohesion building effort that scenes are slowly built on, and the music on their platform has often been brilliant.

This Amagroovinst remix sees Gina meeting Stiff Pap half way down the road between contemporary house and her usual bass / rap anchored sounds, veering between double and half-times at will. The music is lush, with synth stabs not unlike those of previous releases from Kwaai-fi co-founder Maramza.

While each of the players involved here will continue to rise in the own right, it’s these ensemble moments that begin to build a world beyond the individual spheres of influence. Each glimpse we get into it will reveal a scene more well defined, and we’ll be all the better for it.

Check out Stiff Pap’s full EP below: 

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