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CapeClub’s ‘Jac and Morto’ Features Omar Morto and Sumo Jac

capeclub Jac & Morto EP Sumo Jac Omar Morto

Bass music has a history in Cape Town that is as long as it is fractured.

The genre – which has been difficult to define since it’s inception, fusing elements of rap, dubstep, garage and other global dance musics – is one that is usually inclusive of new innovations and people. When it finally reached Cape Town it peaked with the Cold Turkey movement, and then found itself dispersed afterwards, with prominent action happening both in the City Bowl and Southern Suburbs, but often with not much crossover in terms of audiences. This obviously led both to a dilution and fading of the scene’s power and relevance.

One of a few new collectives that’s been working to stop this backsliding and redefine/reunite the bass scene is the Cape Club net label. Founded by producers Omar Morto and Surreal Sessions (both of whom recently played a big part in FAKA‘s latest EP), the label has very quickly released a varied and far-encompassing set of club-ready alternative dance music, and last week dropped a collaborative EP from two of its stalwarts – founder Omar and long time dubstep figurehead Sumo Jac.

The Jac and Morto EP (styled and named after Adult Swim’s Rick and Morty show) is streaming now on SoundCloud and takes elements of both its producers’ usual sounds and those inherent to the platform itself and turns them up to 11. The SoundCloud bootleg/edit culture, for example, is taken to the extreme by 3 of the EP’s 5 songs being edits and reworks of existing ones (with two edits of the same Pretty Ricky song). The other Bootleg is of Cardi B’s ubiquitous ‘Bodak Yellow’, and both songs are taken apart and stretched in a number of directions that represent the various centres of bass music over the past decade.

One flip takes Jersey Club – which Omar Moto has been a proponent of for a while – as its foundation. The other puts UK funky and Garage (more Sumo’s forte) as the heart of the song. Elsewhere Glasgow-style Purple beats sneak into the record, as well Dubstep and LA beats – as would be expected.

The results are bombastic, of course, but also scan as a run-through of the sounds one might have heard out in the Cape not long ago on a big Bass night.

Stream Jac and Morto through the Cape Club soundcloud page and be sure to follow them for future local releases.

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