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FAKA’s ‘Amaqhawe’ EP ft. Surreal Sessions Is Out!

NEW MUSIC: It’s #FAKAFriday and that means you get a 3-track EP from everyone’s favourite Cunty Power/Siyakaka Feminism performance artists, FAKA.

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FAKA’s latest EP ‘Amaqhawe’ Available for Pre-Order

New Music: The follow up EP to 2016’s ‘Bottoms Revenge’ is out 27/10, and continues in their collaborative chameleon-like constant sonic reimaginings.

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Mvelo Curates a Stellar Line-Up for DarlingAkia

EVENT NEWS: Happening at Kitchener’s this Saturday, the event’s tagline is “stop listening to music that you feel most comfortable on listening to”.

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The Booth: Fela Gucci Serves Us Eclectic Realness

This month in The Booth, we catch up with Fela Gucci, one half of artist and producer duo FAKA and organiser of Joburg-based party Cunty Power.

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FAKA Release Cheekily Subversive ‘Uyang’khumbula’ Video

NEW MUSIC: With their new video, FAKA uses a familiar danceability, while still managing to exhibit a daring singularity and originality.

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Brenda Fassie and the Artists Keeping Her Defiant, Bold Legacy Alive

20 years since the famous doccie, ‘Not a Bad Girl was released, we reflect on 3 current artists keeping MaBrr’s artistic and political legacy alive.

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FAKA Unleashes Rhythmic GQOM Gem, ‘Uyang ’Khumbula’

NEW MUSIC: With their new single, performance art duo FAKA take the N3 to Durban with a perfect and modern GQOM romp.

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ICYMI: FAKA Have Joined DJ Lag on the Lineup For Unsound Festival, Poland

NEWS / UPCOMING SHOW: The ‘activist’ performance art/music duo have joined an already-stellar lineup at Krakow’s premiere left-field arts festival.

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Review: NON Worldwide Compilation Volume 1

There is a problem with compilations. The problem with them, and by extension with reviewing them, is that they’re compilations. They’re disparate pieces of music presented as a whole. At