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Rudeboyz Diverge and Stay Solid with New EP, ‘Gqomwave’

NEW MUSIC: The diversions of this EP – from one of the pioneer crews of the genre – and the rest of the genre proves that Rudeboyz are going nowhere.

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Distruction Boyz Make Sure ‘Gqom Is The Future’

New Music: On their 13-track debut, they firmly ground gqom’s commercial success in its home town, a rare feat for a quickly trafficked underground sound.

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The Booth: DJ Lag

Fans, casual listeners and critics aren’t the only consumers of music. Every fortnight, we ask a prominent or exciting local artist to share five tracks that are currently on rotation

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New Music: Menchess (Rude Boyz) – Gqom pied piper

Durban’s Rude Boyz have quietly become some of the most prolific dance producers in the country (two new songs have been released since the one I’m writing about here). Beyond