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Rudeboyz Diverge and Stay Solid with New EP, ‘Gqomwave’

NEW MUSIC: The diversions of this EP – from one of the pioneer crews of the genre – and the rest of the genre proves that Rudeboyz are going nowhere.

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RudeBoyz, iGqom’s Export Market, and the Paradox of Leading-Edge Music in Durban

Rudeboyz have all the makings of a kinda rags-to-riches story. Three friends who live on the same street in KwaDabeka in Durban, KZN, Massive Q, Menchess and Andile T, get together

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Platform Recommends: Our CTEMF journey of unmissable acts

Capetonians are preparing themselves for the wonderful experience of listening to some of our favourite electronic acts and discovering all the worlds of music we don’t usually engage with. It’s

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Review: NON Worldwide Compilation Volume 1

There is a problem with compilations. The problem with them, and by extension with reviewing them, is that they’re compilations. They’re disparate pieces of music presented as a whole. At

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LIST: 10 songs we loved while we were away

The landscape of popular music is an ever-changing and fascinating thing. We’re back, and committed to bringing you incisive coverage to help you navigate the unpredictable sea of trends and