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Amy Ayanda: The Breathtaking Balance of Being a Musician & a Mom

ARTIST STORY: Ahead of the release of her new EP, we sit down with Amy Ayanda to talk about motherhood, art, balance and beginnings.

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The Booth: Mvelo Shares His Deep-House Grooves

Mvelo’s particular taste for deep house and techno has seen him enchanting dance floors for years. Here he shares his favourite tracks.

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Mvelo Curates a Stellar Line-Up for DarlingAkia

EVENT NEWS: Happening at Kitchener’s this Saturday, the event’s tagline is “stop listening to music that you feel most comfortable on listening to”.

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Thor Rixon Beaten Up By Cult In German Forest

NEW MUSIC: Is he giving us an insight into his own self-torture, or is this a prompt to think more deeply on how we all approach the world?

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Kajama Are in the Mother City This Week for Eko II

EVENT NEWS: Our favourite groove godesses are performing in Cape Town this Wednesday, at a special sit-down show organised by Eko Label.

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MxBlouse Releases Bold & Subversive Boom-Bap EP, ‘Believe The Bloom’

NEW MUSIC: With boom-bap inspired, low-slung raps over electric leaning beats and low-fi aesthetics, MxBlouse’s new EP cleverly subverts hyper-masculinty.

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Thor Rixon Diverges and Converges in Equal Measure with ‘Songs From The Bath’

NEW MUSIC: Stepping far away from the novelty jam ‘Fuk Bread’ that many know him for, the ever-evolving artist presents his most cohesive work.

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The Booth: OBie Mavuso Shares Her Influences

OBie Mavuso is a Cape Town-based filmmaker and musician. We first came across her when she released the video for her track, ‘Blessings Come, Blessings Go’ – a soulful and lamenting

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Platform Recommends (Jozi): naas’ Kitchen Turnip w/ Maramza, Thor Rixon, Nonku Phiri, more

This weekend sees the first ever solo venture northwards of Cape Town’s ex-creative collective, now music management agency, naas. This comes following a series of intimate affairs in a variety

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Track of the Day: Amy Ayanda & Thor Rixon – La Llorna

Juxtaposition is the order of the day on Amy Ayanda & Thor Rixon’s ‘La Llorna’. And it’s a dissonance that creates an irresistible kinetic energy. From the outset, a quiet,