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The Booth: Mvelo Shares His Deep-House Grooves

Original Image by Sanele Lection Mkhize

Having co-founded Kalishnikov radio, Joburg-based DJ Mvelo is one for keeping busy. His particular taste for deep house and techno has seen him enchanting dance floors and being booked increasingly regularly throughout the past two years. With numerous mixes under his belt, the latest being part two  of The Documentary, Mvelo has also recently entered the world of curation where last weekend he hosted Darling Akia – an event dedicated to not just listening to artists who make you feel comfortable. The event featured the likes of Cape Town’s techno-leaning Thor Rixon, Knysna-based Jumping Back Slash, Cape Town’s ATOM collective, art/music duo FAKA and Joburg-based Andile Mbete and Jenny Dison, as well as Mvelo himself in a back-to-back set with fellow deep house craftsman Kat la Kat.

Catch what is undoubtedly going to be a mesmerizing set by Mvelo this weekend at Rocking The Daisies.

Each month we invite a South African musician to join us in The Booth to see what they’re bumping, to get a sense of where the magic (partly) comes from. With Rocking The Daisies and OppiKoppi almost upon us, we decided to invite a handful of musicians who will be performing at the respective festivals to join us for a special festival edition of The Booth, where we will feature one artist each day leading up to festival weekend.

This edition investigates Mvelo’s playlist, sharing 5 tracks that he’s into, in no particular order:

Blue Six (feat. Aya) – ‘I’ve Given Enough’

It’s a beautiful song…that’s all I can say.

Soulstice – ‘Illusion (J Boogie Remix)’

I recently stumbled on this track while prepping for my gig and never stopped playing it every morning..Just as a audible day starter before a hectic day ahead….the original version is sick too,well that was love.

DJ Koze (feat. Ada) – ‘Homesick’

Got introduced to this track by a some honey,who later became my Girlfriend but now we just mates…… At that time I only thought DJ Koze only produced dance music…Feel in love instantly.

Jimpster (feat. Samantha James) – ‘Closer to You’ 

One album (C.D ) I found going through my fathers collection and fell in love with…thats when I got introduced to Jamie Odell (Jimpster) in 2002 and now his one of my favorite house music (Deep House ) producers.Still play it whenever I wanna get emotional and lock myself in a dark room.

Hyla – ‘You and I’

Dope……and he is known for producing Drum n Bass….not this chilled beautiful Sh** .

Listen to part one of The Documentary below and check out the previous #FestivalBooth featuring Patty Monroe here.

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