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The Booth: Nicci St Bruce

Having started out in the fashion scene as first lady of Bitches Must Know, Nicci St Bruce has…

Fans, casual listeners and critics aren’t the only consumers of music. Every fortnight, we ask a prominent or exciting local artist to share five tracks that are currently on rotation on their boombox/diskman/Zune – oldies, latest hits, oddities and obscurities. Welcome to The Booth.


Having started out in the fashion scene as first lady of Bitches Must Know, Nicci St Bruce has recently channelled her hyper-committed efforts to music – more specifically, hip-hop and rap, dropping tight and lyrically refreshing verses and hooks under the moniker of Push Push. Her debut recording performance was on ‘Cave Swoon’ off Oh! Dark Arrow’s debut album, Godspeed Thundercat, and her debut live performance was three weeks ago at YOH! Bad Girls. St Bruce proved that the ever growing importance of an artist’s ability to translate their recording quality into the live sphere would be no problem for her as she delivered a confident performance; evidence that the stage is where she’s in her element. With the prospect of releases in the form of music and video in the near future, it would be wise to keep an eye out for any Push Push activity. Here are her 5 tracks:


M∅ – Freedom (PHANT Remix)

I don’t know who this kid is but I played this song on repeat for a good month this year and with it came a lot of mirror dancing.



This amazing creature is Princess Nokia and this video is like a 3210 in my head and I’m into it.


Tirzah & Micachu – I’m Not Dancing 

These two are incredible together. Micachu is also known by her real name, Mica Levi, when composing film scores. Tirzah does not give a fuck in this video. She is just like “Howzit, this is my voice. I’ll wear a fucking tapout shirt if I fucking want to”.


Hannah Diamond – Pink and Blue

Hannah Diamond is my prediction for the next big thing. She makes me feel the same way MIA made me feel when she started out and if that’s not a good indication of what she can do I don’t know what is.


YADi – Creatures 

YADi makes me happy.


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