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The Booth: Patty Monroe Switches It Up

Patty Monroe
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Cape Town-based rapper and vocalist, Patty Monroe, first introduced herself to music lovers back in 2015 with her high energy single High Fashion produced by house music maestro Culoe De Song. She has since released her debut album, Malatjie which saw her striving for more than just rapper status, by including tracks on which rapping doesn’t feature at all. While her style generally incorporates up-tempo and sassy rhymes combinations reminiscent of Missy Elliott, she also exercises restraint quite effortlessly, which is evident on more introspective tracks like ‘Reminiscing‘.

Monroe maintains a strong sense of self in both her music and image, which is always so encouraging and bodes well for her future within the South African hip-hop landscape. Catch her at Rocking The Daisies on Saturday at the Trap House stage at 19:40.

Each month we invite a South African musician to join us in The Booth to see what they’re bumping, to get a sense of where the magic (partly) comes from. With Rocking The Daisies and OppiKoppi almost upon us, we decided to invite a handful of musicians who will be performing at the respective festivals to join us for a special festival edition of The Booth, where we will feature one artist each day leading up to festival weekend.

This edition investigates Patty Monroe’s playlist, sharing 5 tracks that she’s into, in no particular order:

Fkj & Masego – ‘Tadow’

I watched the video for the first time before i had heard the song. The guitar in the beginning comes at you sweetly, then everything gets recorded in and starts falling into a beautiful serenade. There is just something about live instruments. I felt as if Masego was singing to me (blushes)

SZA – ‘The Weekend’

The Weekend always leaves me with a bittersweet smile across my face. Sometimes when I am alone at home, I put this SZA on blast and dance through the whole house. ” i mean saying what kind of deal is two days, I need me least ’bout four days” when that line comes my heart just drops.

A$AP Ferg – ‘East Coast Remix’

“run it up, run it up, run it up, run it up, run it up”


Burna Boy – ‘Hallelujah’

A lil bit of praise and worship in the morning is a great way to start the day. I love this sound coming from Burna.

PHFAT ft. JungFreud – ‘Lights Out’

I Love Nonku’s flow on this track, im still tryna figure out everything she says in it. Then the switch up when PHFAT comes on is just unpredictable , lol.

Watch Patty Monroe chatting about her debut album, Malatjie, below and check out the previous #FestivalBooth with Kid Fonque here.

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