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The Booth: Robin Brink


Fans, casual listeners and critics aren’t the only consumers of music. Every fortnight, we ask a prominent or exciting local artist to share five tracks that are currently on rotation on their boombox/diskman/Zune – oldies, latest hits, oddities and obscurities. Welcome to The Booth.

This second installation of The Booth brings you Cape Town musician, Robin Brink, drummer for Beatenberg, and mastermind behind Zenzanon and OX++. His various projects offer an insight into his unique blend of music interests, which range from intricate African sounds to house and techno. His work has stretched beyond music making through his collective, glowLDB, which has already seen early success with their Aperture videos and parties. What follows are his selections, five tracks that are, fittingly, as intriguing as his musical sensibilities.

Andres – ‘New For U’

A timeless house sound I’ve had on repeat.

Ryoji Ikeda – ‘data.reflex’

Here’s one of my favourite artists. The music is actually an accompaniment to his visual work. Check him out on Vimeo.

Pharoah Sanders – ‘Astral Travelling’

I wish there was more music like this. Spaced out electric pianos, beautiful percussion textures, and the dopest, subtlest afro-cuban drum parts.

Jack DeJohnette & Foday Musa Soso – ‘Ocean Wave’ 

Jack DeJohnette is one of my favourite drummers. Here he jams with a Kora player. In recent years DeJohnette has put out loads of ‘world’ music, and it’s all top deck. This track, and the album, is remarkable for the extent of exploration in the instrumental dialogue.

Seferino – ‘S.R.G.’

Yo the guitarist/keyboardist (aka my brother) from John Wizards just launched a solo joint as Seferino and his trax are too proper, you feel me?

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